He was born in Foggia in 1958. Naturally brought to drawing, and to painting. He graduated from the State Institute of Art. In the 70s and 80s, the young Massimo is exuberant and volcanic, with a multifaceted creativity facing different themes, passing from the landscape to the human figure. Among the "artists" friends who frequented at that time, Andrea Pazienza is worthy of mention. In the early 80s he met the great master Renato Guttuso, from whom he took lessons. It is perfected in anatomical design and in the nude. In Urbino he specialized in the etching technique of etching, with the master F. Bertoni. In 1984, he attended the Free School of the Nude in Brescia and Milan, with Maestro M. Zuppelli. He studies the technique of screen printing and photography. His passion is portraits and the nude, intensely inspired by the ancient masters such as Caravaggio, Louis David, Tiziano, Moreau.

He paints in a contemporary key, past themes. The works of Guerra, are a perfect example of the neoclassical ideal and of realism, managing to transmit the passions and feelings that animate his characters, accentuated by the strong contrast created by the chiaroscuro that highlights the action and cancels the background. In 1994 he is in Milan. Explore different artistic realities, gaining experience in the fields of scenography and design. "ART IS EXPERIMENTING" will become his motto. Trendy rooms decorate in Milan.

The artist Guerra is a renowned portrait painter, such recognized professionalism, has led him to collaborate with well-known modeling agencies, organizing several vernissages with his majestic portraits in oil and acrylic inspired by famous Super Models such as Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Kate Moss, Carmen Kass, to name a few, actor Raz Degan and fashion designer Giorgio Armani. He has exhibited in several collective and personal exhibitions in Milan from 1996 to 2009. In Milan in 1999, the personal vernissage at the Camera della Moda, simultaneously with the photographic exhibition of the great photographer Bob Kriege. His works have been published in magazines of the sector: "Quadri e Sculture", "Arte", "A.D.", "Interior Design", "Mixer".



1974 - Collective Exhibition of Art and Culture Palazzetto in Fiera - Foggia
1975 - Sala Grigia Palazzetto d'Arte - Foggia
1976 - Collective Exhibition of Art and Culture Palazzetto in Fiera - Foggia
1977 - Collective Exhibition of Art Palazzetto - Foggia
1977 - Graphic design and realization of the poster for the "Foggia Agriculture Fair" - Foggia
1978 - Estemporanea A.I.C.S. - Vieste (FG)
1978 - Extemporaneous Cortile Theater Club Jazz - Foggia
1979 - Local exhibition C.E.P.A.F.L. - Foggia
1980 - Estemporanea A.I.C.S. - Vieste (FG)
1982 - VI San Severo Biennial Painting - Foggia
1983 - Solo exhibition Galleria Valleri - Foggia
1983 - Graphic design and realization of envelopes, labels, manifestos for a famous confectionery company
1984 - E Mail Art Gallery Civilian Warfare - New York
1984 - Collective Exhibition Galleria Valleri - Foggia
1985 - Collective Exhibition - Galleria Palazzetto d'Arte Rosa - Foggia
1985 - Graphic projects of posters, postcards, etc. for the U.S.L. on the theme "Drug and Alcoholism"
1985 - Intervention for the use of a space to be used for rehabilitation and artistic education towards young drug addicts at U.S.L. of Foggia
1985 - 2nd place Naj Oleari Painting Competition - Rome
1986 - Collective Exhibition of Artists of Capitanata Palazzetto Rosa for AS.SO.RI. - Foggia
1986 - Graphic design and construction of cards for the Club Juventus - Foggia sports association
1987 - Donation Caserma Papa - Brescia
1987 - Graphic design and production of labels and posters for a Winery of Capitanata
1987 - Graphic design and creation of folders for the General Staff of the Brescia Army
1988 - Collective Exhibition "Omaggio alla Donna" - Foggia
1988 - Graphic design of the poster for the Foggia Academy of Art
1989 - Graphic design and realization of the brand for a rabbit breeding company
1989 - Three artists in the Collective "March 8" Club Bagatto - Foggia
1989 - Viestana Exhibition Punta Lunga - Vieste (FG)
1989 - Art and Personal Music - Foggia
1990 - Collective Exhibition Art Gallery - Foggia
1990 - Graphic design and realization of the Coat of Arms on the occasion of the Tiro a Segno of the City of Trento
1990 - Exposure of watercolors Spiaggia Lunga - Vieste (FG)
1991 - Personal Exhibition 4ª Gommonata del Gargano Spiaggia Lunga Vieste (FG)
1991 - Personal Exhibition Hotel Santa Barbara - Rodi Garganico (FG)
1991 - Graphic design and realization of the poster for the theater "I due Colombi" Club Bel Ami - Foggia
1991 - Graphic design and realization of the brand and labels for an Azienda Agricola della Capitanata
1992 - Personal Exhibition 5th Gommonata del Gargano Long Beach - Vieste (FG)
1992 - Collective Exhibition Art Gallery - Foggia
1993 - Personal Exhibition "Natale in Arte" Via Tugini - Foggia
1994 - Collective exhibition "Il Tratturo di Carta"
1996 - Estemporanea Exhibition, 1st Prize "Alfredo Bortoluzzi" - Vico del Gargano
1996 - Personal Exhibition at the Milano Collezioni fashion shows, October 15th, Gran Cafè Fashion - Milan
1996 - Collective exhibition "Falso d'Autore" Via Montenapoleone - Milan
1996 - Personal Exhibition "Fire of the Night" Exhibition Center - Foggia
1996 - Personal Exhibition "4 Vele Rififì", November, Fashion in Art - Pescara
1996 - Exhibition of watercolors "Baia di Manaccore" - Peschici
1997 - Extemporaneous exhibition "Alfredo Bortoluzzi Prize" - Vico del Gargano
1997 - Collective exhibition "Falsi d'Autore" - Porto Cervo (SS)
1997 - Personal Exhibition at the Milano Collezioni, March - Milan fashion shows
1997 - Trompe l'Oeil for the Privè disco Gran Cafè Fashion - Milan
1999 - Personal Exhibition at the Milano Collezioni fashion shows
1999 - Creation of the Colonial Fashion Cafè - Milan
2004 - Realization of the Siddharta Fashion Cafè - Milan
2005 - Creation of the Buddha Fashion Cafeè in Milan
2009 - Creation of "Kushà" art gallery - Rome
2010 - Collective exhibition City of Foggia
2010 - Personal exhibition "Spazio Tout le Jours" City of Foggia
2010 - Contemporary Art Exhibition "Art Nueva" Palazzetto Art City of Foggia
2010 - Exhibition "Diomedes Prize" Chiostro di S. Domenico - Manfredonia
2011 - "Visual Art" Exhibition Hotel Pietre Nere - Rodi Garganico (FG)
2012 - "Visual Art" Exhibition Hotel Pietre Nere - Rodi Garganico (FG)
2012 - "Art Fair 22" Exhibition - Istanbul
2014 - Personal Exhibition "Spazio Tout le Jours" City of Foggia
2015 - Collective Exhibition "Arte Fair Padova" - Padua
2015 - Exhibition "Christmas in Collective" Galleria del Corso - Foggia
2016 - Collective Exhibition "Another Italy" 5th Gallery - London